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Sequencing Auxiliary Vials

The Sequencing Auxiliary Vials contain Sequencing Buffer II (SBII), Elution Buffer (EB), Loading Solution (LS) and Loading Beads II (LBII).

This expansion is suitable for use with Kit 10, Kit 11 and Kit 12 chemistry.

We do NOT recommend the Sequencing Auxiliary Vials expansion (EXP-AUX002) to be used with Kit 9 chemistry.

4Fully releasedCommercially available product, 3-6 months upgrade notification. Warranty 3+ months.


This kit is recommended for users who:

  • Would like to split a library across multiple flow cells
  • Need to add more library/a new library onto a washed flow cell
  • Wish to top up a flow cell with additional library

The Sequencing Auxiliary Vials contain Sequencing Buffer II (SBII), Elution Buffer (EB), Loading Solution (LS) and Loading Beads II (LBII).

The Auxiliary Sequencing kit properties

Associated kitsLigation Sequencing Kit (SQK-LSK110)
•Ligation Sequencing Kit (SQK-LSK112)
•Ligation Sequencing Kit XL (SQK-LSK112-XL)
•Native Barcoding Kit 24 (SQK-NBD112.24)
•Native Barcoding Kit 96 (SQK-NBD112.96)
•cDNA-PCR Sequencing Kit (SQK-PCS111)
•PCR-cDNA Barcoding Kit (SQK-PCB111.24)
•Multiplex Ligation Sequencing Kit (SQK-MLK111.96-XL)
Pack size12 reactions
StabilityShipped at 2–8°C

Long-term storage -20°C

Oxford Nanopore Technologies deem the useful life of the product to be 3 months from receipt by the customer

Shipping and logistics:

Flow cells and kits are shipped together in an environmentally friendly temperature-controlled shipping box.

Products are shipped to customers within the USA and EU Monday to Thursday. Shipments to Canada, Norway, Korea and Japan are expedited Monday to Wednesday; with Australia and New Zealand leaving our warehouses on a Friday. Shipments to the rest of the world are made on Mondays to allow the full working week for packages to arrive.

The delivery charges are calculated when a quote is raised or during checkout. Once an order is made, the delivery ID and delivery information can be tracked in the Store.

What's in the box

EXP-AUX110 kit contents

NameAcronymCap colourNo. of vialsFill volume per vial (μl)
Sequencing BufferSBIIRed4500
Loading SolutionLSPink sticker on cap2360
Elution BufferEBBlack2200
Loading BeadsLBIIPink2360


The Sequencing Auxiliary Vials can be used together with:


  • Ligation Sequencing Kit (SQK-LSK110)
  • Ligation Sequencing Kit (SQK-LSK112)
  • Ligation Sequencing Kit XL (SQK-LSK112-XL)
  • Native Barcoding Kit 24 (SQK-NBD112.24)
  • Native Barcoding Kit 96 (SQK-NBD112.96)
  • cDNA-PCR Sequencing Kit (SQK-PCS111)
  • PCR-cDNA Barcoding Kit (SQK-PCB111.24)
  • Multiplex Ligation Sequencing Kit (SQK-MLK111.96-XL)

Flow cells

  • FLO-MIN106D
  • FLO-MIN112
  • FLO-PRO002
  • FLO-PRO112


  • MinION Mk1B
  • MinION Mk1C
  • GridION
  • PromethION